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Letting out your property and managing it long term can be a serious headache and cause you unnecessary stress. We want to simplify this and let you enjoy your daily life without worrying.

The flow chart below shows our process from the initial visit all the way through to the end stage of the tenancy contract. The best part of our process is that we only need a small input from you in the beginning while we sort out the rest, always keeping you in the loop. Communication is what we pride ourselves on.

Home Owner


Our mobile property manager will arrange a time to come to you to discuss your needs and expectations. We will guide you through our packages and assist you in choosing the package that suits you. We will then carry out a free rental appraisal of your property and provide you with a suggested amount to charge for rent per week. This will be based on the pricing and availability of other rentals in your area and The Department of Building & Housing rental statistics. We can also offer you suggestions on how to get a higher rental return on a small budget.

Marketing & Advertising

We will place a few small adornments (eg. vases of flowers) in your property if necessary and will have our experienced photographer take professional photos of your rental property to ensure the best features of the property are captured. We will write an appealing description and market it to the public without delay on TradeMe and our own website. Our goal is to take the least amount of days to market and rent out all of our rental properties. The listing will be monitored closely by our property manager and viewing times (including after hours & weekends) are promptly organised with the interested potential tenants. We will take them on an individual tour around the house and explain all the positive features of the property. Interested parties are asked to fill in the “Pre-Tenancy Application” form after the tour, or if they would like more time they can choose to download it from our website and fill it in at home. At this stage, we are in regular contact with you to let you know how many people are viewing your rental property.

Tenant Selection

We present you with the interested parties’ profiles and allow you to choose your preferred tenants. We then run a thorough credit and reference check on these parties and present you with the results so you can make a final decision. After you have chosen we will prepare and fill in all legal documents, collect and lodge tenancy bonds, and sign all tenancy related forms on your behalf. You can now expect to start receiving rental payments.

Tenancy Management

We will collect the rental payment on your behalf and direct debit into your account through our BNZ bank account. An electronic statement will be emailed to you as a record. Tenants will contact us first if there are any repairs, maintenance or other issues that need to be addressed – we will look into the issue and keep in contact with you to organise a resolution. House inspections are essential and done regularly to ensure your property is well maintained and tidy. A report will be emailed to you for reference. This service may be important for insurance purposes. If there are any disputes during the tenancy, your property manager will represent you at mediations and tenancy tribunals if necessary.

Financial Management

Other than emailing you monthly statements for your rental income, we can also help to arrange the payment of water bills, council rates, insurance and other ongoing bills. We pay these by deducting the amount from your rental income.

Renewal / Vacate

If you choose a fixed term contract with your tenant, you will need to let us know one month prior to the end of the contract whether you would like to continue with the current tenants for another fixed term period. This gives us enough time to inform the tenants in writing, otherwise your contract will automatically become periodic term. If either you or your tenant does not wish to continue with the tenancy, written notice must be given no less than 21 days before the end of the fixed term contract.

If you choose a periodic term contract there is no specified time period on the tenancy agreement. If either you or your tenant does not wish to continue with the tenancy, written notice of no less than 60 days must be given.

After your tenant has moved out, we will need at least 2 days to make sure your property is fit to be rented out again. We then will start the process again and endeavour to promptly find new tenants.

If you wish to sell or want to move back into your property and you require your tenants to move out, written notice of 42 days must be given if you are on a periodic tenancy contract. If you want your tenants to vacate during a fixed term contract, you still need to provide them with 42 days written notice, yet they could refuse and choose to stay until the end of the fixed term period. Our suggestion is if you are planning to move back into your property or wanting to sell, set your contract as a periodic term tenancy instead.

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