Why choose us?

Finding a property manager with people skills, good time management and who understands the legal side of things is extremely important. This can help save you time and money. Communication and problem solving skills are what we pride ourselves on – We believe in keeping our clients in the loop about what is happening at their property. Our staff are multi-lingual which helps to prevent miscommunication between landlord and tenants.

Property management is our main service
• We are 100% focused on property management and offer you a smooth leasing process.
• We will come to you in person at your preferred time & location to discuss any properties requiring management.
• We are home owners ourselves so we understand your needs.

High quality tenants
We have a zero tolerance approach and a set of screening processes to ensure:
• Tenants pay rent on time
• Longer tenancy period
• Property kept tidy
• Minimal wear & tear
• Less problems in general

Legal procedures
We understand the legal requirements that can be confusing for many property owners.
• General tenancy legislations
• Health & safety within the property
• Tenancy Agreements & Terminations
• Regular house inspections
• Chasing up rent arrears
• Lodging bond collections & refunds
• Attending tenancy mediations
• Attending tribunal hearings

Maximise your return and understanding as a property investor
Let’s be honest, everyone who has an investment property wants high rental yield without stress or work. We understand and are familiar with the Auckland rental market so we can give you excellent advice in regards to the area your property is located in. Our goal is to help you achieve better tenant retention, shorter vacancy cycles and an optimal rent rate. As the Auckland house market is soaring up, capital gain is another important return for property investors. You require an on-the-go and reliable property manager to maintain your property so you can maximise your profit if you decide to sell or increase your rental portfolio for bank valuations.

Minimise vacancy period
We can offer advice and strategies to speed up the process of finding tenants.
• Recommend very minimal cosmetic improvement to maximise the number of potential tenants & rental income.
• Suggest optimal weekly rent determined by local rental market websites and tools.
• Market your property professionally to attract a larger number of candidates.
• Our point of difference is our property managers are available to work flexible hours to ensure your property will be tenanted as soon as possible (open homes conducted after hours & weekends).
• As soon as we receive an enquiry about your rental property, we will arrange a viewing time with the potential tenant within 24 hours or the earliest suitable time.

Minimise your stress
We aim to have your property tenanted as promptly as possible and will collect rent on time on your behalf. We will treat your property as we would our own and ensure it is well maintained and looked after. We listen to your needs, giving you peace of mind that your priorities are being taken care of. Our goal is to allow you to be stress free so you can relax with more time to enjoy life.

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